Schedule of Value

This section will show a summary of all the Activity, Project Name, Expected Start Date, End Date, Actual Start Date, Actual End Date of your current project.

In construction management, the Schedule of Values (SOV) is a critical document that outlines the agreed-upon values assigned to various components of a construction project. ROVUK Software streamlines the creation and management of the SOV, providing users with a comprehensive platform to define, track, and analyze project costs. Within ROVUK, users can easily input and categorize the different work items, tasks, or deliverables associated with the project, assigning corresponding values to each. This structured approach ensures clarity and transparency in budget allocation, allowing project managers to monitor costs accurately throughout the project lifecycle. Additionally, ROVUK Software’s SOV feature may include functionalities for tracking progress, generating reports, and facilitating communication with stakeholders, enabling efficient cost management and informed decision-making. By centralizing the Schedule of Values within ROVUK Software, construction professionals can streamline financial tracking, enhance project visibility, and ultimately optimize project outcomes.

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